Monday, September 3, 2012

A Moment for Mom - Luxe Link Purse Hooks - Brains and Beauty

I'm one to always give gadgets a thorough think through before purchase.  Most times I  find something already in my drawer or cupboard at home capable of the same trick without an extra purchase.  Frugality is important in life -- no matter our wealth.  I'm not a fan of excess--and my children know they have to be down to the last few drops of shampoo and conditioner before I'll purchase refills--because mom hates excessive toiletries strewn about the bathroom.

But every now and then, you find a simple luxury, that just makes sense.  The Luxe Link Purse Hook is quite an impressive little treasure.  1)  It's small and compact.  You can carry it around the handle of your purse, and 'There it its" right when you need it.  2)  It's attractive, tasteful and even personal.  Luxe Link offers designs from monograms, swarovski crystals, The Beatles and even Hello Kitty.  3)  It's practical and clever.  Using the weight of your purse, the hook stays in place.  You no longer have to worry about kicking your favorite bag under the table while it sits on the ground of who knows what. 

The Luxe Link not only makes a great gift for moms, daughters, teachers and business partners--but it also gives back.  Luxe Link CEO and Founder, Kalika Nacion Yap, (a Honolulu native)  sponsors several charities in many communities.   I hope you'll Like Luxe Link on Facebook and tell them Just for Jack sent you.  If you'd like to see a video on how it works, click here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Malpaca's Alpaca Pillows - Everything Good

An Alpaca is a member of the Camelid family, descendants of camels, and most closely related to llamas.  Alpacas are small, gentle animals raised primarily for their soft, luxurious fiber. Their valuable fleece is harvested annually by shearing them similar to sheep.  But that's not all.....

Did you know Alpaca wool is naturally fire retardant (i.e. no toxic chemicals)?  This is important, because firemen say the fumes from your pillow can be more deadly then the fire itself!   Makes me wonder if it's a good idea to sleep on the pillow I have now, even in the best of circumstances...

Alpaca wool is also a hypoallergenic fiber that organically stays clean and dry. Instead of using any chemicals to clean, simply place these pillows in sunlight to clean and deodorize. You will be amazed how efficiently this works.  (And who likes to wash pillows anyway?!)

Alpaca fiber has a medullated core, which can be fully or partially hollow, deterring dust mites, which are the leading causes of asthma and allergies in the bedroom.

This porous fiber creates an extra insulative value for a constant balance of temperature when we are in contact with it.

Malpaca Alpaca pillows are filled with 100% U.S. Alpacas only. Buying these unique and luxurious pillows not only provides you with the most comfortable, safe sleep you've ever had, it supports our local U.S. farmers.

I am a crafter and have been looking for a better fiber fill for making stuffed animals and decorative pillows-- If you're interested in that, here is a wonderful supplier (Sage Ridge Mill & Critters) on Etsy.  She is a lovely woman that rescues alpacas!  She is also very helpful when you have questions.

With all things good about Alpacas - I can't think of a reason not to have these in my home.  Show your  support of Malpaca's Alpaca Pillows by Liking them on Facebook.  Tell them Just for Jack sent you ;-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School with Robots from Crocodile Creek!

Beautiful yet practical. With a fun Robot back pack like this, your child might actually look forward to the first day of school! These sturdy back packs are just the right size for younger children. Constructed of durable high-quality materials, they have been thoughtfully-designed to help keep active kids organized and ready to go! Conforms to or exceeds U.S. and European safety standards.

The backpack is tough, durable, and made from high quality polyester and PE foam. Wipe with a wet cloth to clean.

School lunch is more fun when packed in this beautifully-designed, high-quality Robots lunch case. Simply wipe with a damp cloth after each use. Each colorful lunch box has an insulated main pocket as well as a smaller zippered-compartment in the front and a mesh pocket on the back for extra storage. Made of quality materials with extra lining and padding to keep food fresh. Conforms to or exceeds U.S. and European safety standards.

Robot Drinking Bottle by Crocodile Creek. These beautifully-illustrated, eco-friendly stainless steel drinking bottles are great to use with water, juice, or milk. Perfect for school, sports and camp. An earth-friendly, reusable alternative to plastic and other epoxy lined metal containers. 100% recyclable. Made of #304 food grade stainless steel. Crocodile Creek products conform to all of the appropriate safety standards.

see:  Personalized Robot Labels

Friday, July 22, 2011

Boys of Integrity

My husband often explains his work ethics by drawing a straight line across the whiteboard.  A few inches below he draws another line.  The first line, he explains, is the level of integrity you have for yourself.  Now, with the understanding that we all have bad days, dropping below that level of integrity can only go to a certain depth - (the second line).  But anything below that second line is "unacceptable" in his words. 

When teaching our children these values, I always like to pipe in and say, "At the end of the day, it's how you've behaved...not anyone else."  Also to remember there's grit in integrity.  The young man Ian, in the Play of the Day demonstrates this perfectly.  Thank you Ian for being a great role model to those around you. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Old-Fashioned Paper Straws - At Paper Source of Course!

I see these and immediately go back to childhood memories of root beer floats amongst numerous cousins.  I can hear the laughter of my parents, aunts, uncles and the music playing on the radio. My brother is goofing off so much, that his glass will inevitably spill over...with tears that will no doubt replace it's substance.  So many products point to 'vintage' these days...and I love how these fit right in.  A reasonable price for a priceless memory.  I'm know what I'm serving for dessert after the cookout now.  

D.O.D. - Department of Dad with Poweriser Jumping Stilts

I don't know about your husband, but mine is very high-strung.  He's got to be busy and by that I mean active.  If he's not playing hockey (which occurs up to 3 times per week) he will find another outlet.  When I came across the Poweriser Jumping Stilts it occurred to me that he could use these in our very own neighborhood -- or at least around the corner at the park.  Adult/Teen Powerisers allow you to jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles per hour. You must wear full safety equipment -- and you purchase them according to your weight requirements.  Hubby is drooling over them now.  Especially after watching this video: 

Keen for Keen with the Coronado High Top

Available in both Youth and Toddler sizes.  This is a warmer, all weather hightop, the Coronado High Top is a classic sneaker updated with bright colors and built with a sustainable soul. Elements like recycled aluminum eyelets and an adhesive-free vulcanized rubber offer durable protection for growing feet.


Toddler Style - Sizes 8-13
- Non-marking natural rubber outsole
- Recycled aluminum eyelets
- Removable metatomical EVA footbed
- Stretch gore panels for easy on/off
- Suede upper
- Vulcanized eco-friendly construction

Youth Version in Jester Red

Monday, July 18, 2011

Don't Forget Your Back to School Labels - with Amy Adele

I LOVE this robot label for a couple of reasons.  Not just because my son loves them, but when I couldn't find a robot theme with Amy Adele, I shot over a message asking, per chance, if a one was available and 'voila'!  A day later she messaged to say she would create one -- and a day after that, there it was!  Now THAT is service. 

Amy Adele designs the highest quality, earth-friendly, family priced and themed stationary.  Whether you are looking for school labels, calling cards (for yourself or child), cards or personalized invitations, her selection will delight you.  P.S.:  There's a Free Shipping offer going on now too!

Back to School with Goodbyn Lunchbox

As I have Bento on the brain at the moment, I thought I'd post about "Goodbyn".  Goodbyn is one of the best earth-friendly lunchboxes around.  I personally find it mom, child and budget friendly too.  I consider it the "Americanized Bento" of the bunch. I first purchased this last year when my son enter Kindergarten, but I would have done well to pay attention to the 'suggested age' which was 6 years and up.  Although I tried to teach my 5 year old how to 'click' the lid shut -- I just didn't feel comfortable that he would be able to do it on his own.  But as he turned 6 a few months ago, and his motor-skills naturally improved -- It's been very simple for him to use.

No plastic bags or juice boxes needed.  Since it is dishwasher safe (although I prefer to wash it by hand) it's a breeze to clean.  FDA Approved - BPAs, Phthalates & Lead Free and 100% recyclable.  It comes with over 100 stickers for personalization.  It's available in two sizes and many color options.  Goodbyn is available from My Toy Box, where I find their prices very competitive, especially when on sale.

You may also enjoy:  "Back to School with Crocodile Creek"

I "Like" Mondays with 'Anna the Red's Bento & Plush Factory'

When I encourage my friends or acquaintances to do what they love and love what they do, this is a great place to use as an example.  'Anna' was born in Japan and moved to the U.S. in 1994.  This former art student loves to use her talent towards the most fantastic bento box meals (as well as plush art).  What child wouldn't love opening up his lunch to reveal such a playful meal?  This is nutrition well disguised.  To see her amazing food art, "Like" her facebook page or blog.

As we begin to think of back to school, give thought to a bento box this year.  I used an egg mold and some other clever side accompaniments last year and the result was a group of lunch ladies (as well as many students) finding much entertainment with each bite my little boy took.  Anna's site is well designed with many pictures and 'how-to' lessons.  She has given me much inspiration for a new school year of lovingly prepared and healthy meals.

For many choices in Bento Boxes and tools you may want to check out: 

Monday, July 11, 2011

I "Like" Mondays with Baby Skates

Teaching anyone a new mode of transportation is not always easy --especially when it comes to our pride and joy.  It's so nice to know there is now a product out there that will keep baby safe and enhance the learning.  BABY SKATES are real ice skates that are engineered and designed specifically for toddlers and smaller children. Their product is manufactured using the highest grade materials and manufacturing technology throughout. BABY SKATES come in all of the hard to find sizes; 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8. They are now available in (5) unique and eye catching styles; Classic White, Classic Black, Cute Ruby Red, Cool Navy Blue and the Ultra Cool Gator. BABY SKATES are maintenance free no sharpening ever needed; which means more time for ice skating and it saves you money too!  "Like" Baby Skates on Facebook to keep up with the latest styles.  I love that you can have them engraved!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sprig Toys at Wild Dill

Wild Water Explorer by Sprig Toys

The Wild Water Explorer includes explorer boat, rescue boat, life preserver, Mom dolphin, baby dolphin, and Captain Owen adventure guide
Paint-free - dyed during the production process
No phthalates or heavy metals
Recycled Sprigwood; a durable, kid-safe bio-composite material made of bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic
6"h x 6"w x 9.5"d
2010 Specialty Toy of the Year

Soarin' Sea Plane by Sprig Toys

The Soarin' Sea Plane  includes sea plane, seagull and pilot
Paint-free - dyed during the production process
No phthalates or heavy metals
Recycled Sprigwood; a durable, kid-safe bio-composite material made of bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic

Shabby Apple's Biggest Sale Ever! A Moment for Mum Post

Dresses from Shabby Apple  

Looking for that just right summer dress at a reasonable price?  Right now Shabby Apple is having it's biggest sale ever.  This 20% off sale includes items already on sale and their 'Practically Perfect' section -- making some of their dresses as low as $40!  We've got a wedding to attend in just a couple weeks, so this comes at a great time.  My biggest problem now is just choosing one!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tunes for Two: Robot Headphone Splitter

Because it's nice to share - listen to one device with 2 sets of headphones! Plug into the robot's eyes and you can share your rockin tunes with any buddy. Compatible with any 3.5mm headphone socket such as MP3 players, PDA, portable gaming systems, and computers.

Size - approximately 1 1/4" x 1 3/4"