Friday, August 31, 2012

Malpaca's Alpaca Pillows - Everything Good

An Alpaca is a member of the Camelid family, descendants of camels, and most closely related to llamas.  Alpacas are small, gentle animals raised primarily for their soft, luxurious fiber. Their valuable fleece is harvested annually by shearing them similar to sheep.  But that's not all.....

Did you know Alpaca wool is naturally fire retardant (i.e. no toxic chemicals)?  This is important, because firemen say the fumes from your pillow can be more deadly then the fire itself!   Makes me wonder if it's a good idea to sleep on the pillow I have now, even in the best of circumstances...

Alpaca wool is also a hypoallergenic fiber that organically stays clean and dry. Instead of using any chemicals to clean, simply place these pillows in sunlight to clean and deodorize. You will be amazed how efficiently this works.  (And who likes to wash pillows anyway?!)

Alpaca fiber has a medullated core, which can be fully or partially hollow, deterring dust mites, which are the leading causes of asthma and allergies in the bedroom.

This porous fiber creates an extra insulative value for a constant balance of temperature when we are in contact with it.

Malpaca Alpaca pillows are filled with 100% U.S. Alpacas only. Buying these unique and luxurious pillows not only provides you with the most comfortable, safe sleep you've ever had, it supports our local U.S. farmers.

I am a crafter and have been looking for a better fiber fill for making stuffed animals and decorative pillows-- If you're interested in that, here is a wonderful supplier (Sage Ridge Mill & Critters) on Etsy.  She is a lovely woman that rescues alpacas!  She is also very helpful when you have questions.

With all things good about Alpacas - I can't think of a reason not to have these in my home.  Show your  support of Malpaca's Alpaca Pillows by Liking them on Facebook.  Tell them Just for Jack sent you ;-)

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