It's good to be boy...

However, choices in clothing and accessories haven't always reflected the true nature of our sons.

I have been possessed by a passion for articulate children's design for several years.  My husband and I have 7 children between us ranging in age from 5 - 27! I've had the privilege of living and traveling abroad; and as a seamstress myself,  I have observed unique approaches toward fashion for children around the world.  With the unexpected blessing of a baby boy in 2005, my vigor and obsession has amplified.  Noting the homogenized and even flavorless muddle of boy's clothing, I began to take inventory of the delectable, more appealing creations at hand.

Just for Jack is a journal of such discoveries.  I hope to share with you my findings of talented designers with refreshing vision, as well as where to find them.  You will not find a bias towards mainstream or expense, but a collection of art with a fondness toward the naive, the inventive, and even the capricious -- with just the right touch of avant-garde. 

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Tree House by Hiho Batik
I am so pleased to see the progress towards boys fashion.  I am always looking for designs in harmony with the pure character of boyhood.  If you have stumbled upon something inspiring, send us a note, because at Just for Jack....it's not always about Jill.


Chimene Kirkpatrick