Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day Gift - Chinese Character "Blessing" Necklace by The SilverNet

My favorite necklace isn't one with rubies, diamonds or other precious gems (not that I own anything of the kind).  The necklace I wear most often is a simple one of silver and onyx with the Chinese symbol for "Blessing".  I am almost always asked what the symbol stands for, and it is so nice to reply with the uplifting answer -- and a smile.  My life truly is blessed and this necklace is a constant reminder of who I am and all I have to be grateful for.

I felt it might be a particularly nice gift for mom.  I know I have one of the best mothers on our planet.  This necklace also comes in green jade, lavender jade and mother of pearl.  They are reasonably priced and of very good quality.

Where to Purchase:  I got mine at The Silver Net
Price:  $30-32
Variations:  black onyx, green jade, lavender jade, mother of pearl
Shipping:  $5 flat rate for ground
International Shipping:  Yes
Express Shipping:  Yes
Located in:  DuPont, WA

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I like lavendar jade. Love, MOM