Friday, April 23, 2010

Crocband Kids - Navy Croc with Red Stripe

Crocband Kids in Navy

My soon to be 16 year old daughter saw these coming out of the box and while her little brother was excitedly trying them on, she stated, "Mom, Crocs have come a long way."

As she said this I couldn't help but feel a similarity between Crocs and "Teen-hood."  Crocs came upon us unexpectedly, in a gangly, awkward way, saying, "Here I am!"  "Pay attention to me!"  And just as I see my daughter gaining poise and emerging into a beautiful young woman, Crocs have also matured into a head-turning delight.

When I asked our 5 year old why he liked his new crocs, he said, "Because they look like trainers and they make me run fast."  One of the fathers in our neighborhood took quick notice of these shoes, which is always a confident confirmation that this is a great Just for Jack pick.  Crocband Kids are light-weight, order-resistant and comfortable.

Where to Purchase:
Available Sizes:  Infant 4/5 - 3Youth
Various colors and sizes available.

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