Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hiho Batik - Tree House Tee

Be honest now, how many of you wanted your very own tree house as a child?  How many of you still do?  There is something undeniably compelling when it comes to tree houses and boys.  The branches seem to whisper tales of  clever construction, outdoor survival, and boys only clubs.  It's all about boy here with this well built tree house design.  The talented batik artistry done in naive form brings all your childhood longing to life. 

Made by:  Hiho Batik
Made from:  100% cotton
Sizes:  This shirt 2-12 Others: Baby - 12 years
Variations:  Hiho Batik offers many different designs
Price:  around $34
Where to Purchase:  Hiho BatikLittle Boy Chic
Always wash your batik clothing in cold and tumble dry low.  Wash separately the first time and do not hang dry.

*  Because of the handmade nature of the design, shipping times may take a few days more then you're used to.

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute!