Monday, April 5, 2010

Black Rabbit - Please Come Back!

If you've ever had the pleasure of walking through Paris, you know the shopping is beyond vast.  It was during one of these times I discovered the high regard French designers have for children's clothing.  Marguerite de Balincourt is one such designer.  Now based in California, her lines are found to have rich textures, petite illustrations and unique notions.  Combining playfulness and comfort to original shaping with a vintage reflection, make her collections fresh and appealing. Our kindest wishes to Marguerite, on the birth of her new child.  We wish her the best, we know that motherhood is a priority, but also wanted to say how much her talents will be missed.  Your creations truly are a work of art!

My son is wearing her 'Bruno' button down shirt with brown anchors, as well as long brown linen shorts.  

Branding Style:  Original and classic lines with vintage appeal
Products:  clothing
Gender:  boys and girls
Sizes:  12 months - 7 years on most lines
Shop on Website:  yes, under 'Boutique' tab
Shipping:  calculated on order total
International shipping: No, but there are international online retailers for Black Rabbit
Returns:  21 days return, 60-day exchange/credit.  Some exceptions
Location:  Agoura, California, USA
Website Function:  easy to maneuver

Note:  Black Rabbit has taken time off with the birth of the designers new child

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