Monday, April 5, 2010

The Greatest Power - By Demi

I tend to make our own holiday traditions.  When I discovered I was buying more candy at Easter, then any other time of year, I began to be a bit more creative.  Each of our baskets have a new book, along with other selective snacks and trinkets.  I even put pennies and other change in some of the stuffed eggs.  They all love it.  "The Greatest Power" is a result of such a tradition.  The story is about boy Emperor Ping, who challenges the children of his kingdom to find the 'greatest power in the world'.  The child who brings it shall be the new Prime Minister.  Will it be beauty? Money? Technology?  You'll find the conclusion quite moving.  Demi is an award winning author and illustrator.

Author:  Demi
Ages:  5-8
Published by:  Margaret K. McElderry Book, Simon & Schuster, New York
Price:  $17.00 - $20.00

The Greatest Power available here

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