Monday, April 5, 2010

Tartex Vegetarian Pate Review

This is a taste-y way to provide a bit of veggies.  I discovered this while living in England and am so happy to finally find it offered in the U.S.  My children enjoy this pate on a wholegrain cracker or tortilla.  It spreads smoothly.  I order it by the case and find myself labeling the cans so there are no hoarders.  I recommend the 'Herb Meadow' for first timers.

Produced by:  Tartex
Size Available:  4.4 oz can
Main Ingredients:  Nutritional yeast, vegetables, spices
Cost:  around $5.49
Where to buy:  I found mine at Vegan Essentials
Notes:  Refrigerate after opening (if there's any left.)

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