Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jack's Craft: Bumble Bee Foam Visor Summer Craft Project

Bumble Bee Visor Summer Craft Project

I was recently asked to help in my son's class with a summer craft project.  I wasn't sure what to have 18 little people make, but after having a look around I settled on this sweet Bumble Bee Foam Visor from Family Crafts.  It takes around 20 minutes to complete and is do-able for 4 years and up.  I had a little practice go and found that it's really quite simple.  Craft Foam is easy to cut and work with.  

You'll have to make your own wing pattern, but I used a visor template from so I wouldn't have to purchase a kit.  The template requires elastic, which I like better for quality and fit.  You can get 3 visors from a large sheet of foam or 1 from a small sheet.  Many thanks to Farmily Crafts and First Palette for providing a fun summer art project that is very useful!

Hint:  I took a ruler and slid my scissors down the black foam, leaving indentations for the children to cut their strips. 

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