Thursday, May 5, 2011

End of School Teacher Gifts - Personal and Thoughtful

Personalized Teacher Gifts from Amy Adele
I shall miss her smile, her sense of humor and especially her mind reading skills.  Our son has been blessed with the most energetic teacher this year.  She has that talent of being tough but fair, and loving - but stern when necessary.  Her perception is commendable and her gaze never misses a chance to compliment a pair of new shoes or an addition in hair accessories.

5 x 3.5 folded note
When I came across personalized teacher stationary from Amy Adele, I knew I found my 'eureka'.  Something that shows you've taken the time to have their cherished name in print, makes me feel I'm recognizing her adequately.  I know she'd appreciate anything -- but that's why I want to get something special for this remarkable woman.

100% personalized.  100% recycled paper.

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