Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing Snooze: Innovative Product of Sweden

What is Snooze?  Snooze is a unique device used to enhance breathing, improve sleep and reduce snoring - naturally.  It was designed by a team of Swedish ear, nose and throat specialists, and has been used by sleep clinics and hospitals since 1998.

How does Snooze work?  With the two "Snoozies" comfortably inserted into the nose, the nostril openings are gently expanded, allowing for more air to enter through the nose - instantly making you feel that you can breathe better.

What is Snooze made of?  Snooze consists of two (2) nostril expanders and a connector cord made of high quality medical-grade silicone.  The connector-cord keeps the expanders from twisting and allows for easy removal.  Snooze is completely latex-free as it was specifically designed for direct contact with the skin.  Unlike nasal strips, Snooze does not use adhesives and is reusable.  Snooze is made by Squip, a Swedish company that strive to introduce high quality products that will help for a better and healthier world.

Just for Jack is holding a contest for this today.  2 winners will receive a set of each size.  The winners will also receive a Nasaline Rinsing System - also by Squip. Enter on the Just for Jack Facebook Page!

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