Thursday, December 30, 2010

Imagine GreenWear - Greenest Garment in the Industry

Edge-y, Fun and Friendly

Zzzoom!!! by Imagine Greenwear
Imagine Greenwear is going back to the time when fabric prints were made with dyes, before the invention of modern screen inks. The combination of using certified organic cotton to make their garments and using only eco-friendly dyes for decoration makes the product the greenest in the imprinted sportswear industry.  Imagine GreenWear products are designed and made in the USA.   

Their goal is to set a new standard for greener printed and dyed apparel, which blends cutting edge design with a process that is the most environmentally friendly product in the market.

Imagine GreenWear is available at The Boy's Store.  Remember to use code: Just4Jack for your 20% off!  

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