Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frecklebox Personalized Stories and Gifts for Kids - Available at Kitsel

I grew up with one of those names that was never on the personalized book marker at the gift store.  Today, there are so many options.  I love the personalization from Frecklebox offered at Kitsel.
 *The lunch boxes are made of .30 millimeter tin (lead free) and covered with printed, laminated high-tack adhesive on all sides.

*They have a chalkboard on the inside lid for writing notes to your loved ones.

Frecklebox “Men At Work” Personalized Chore Chart.  Frecklebox Chore Charts make doing chores more fun for kids! Each chart is 11.5"w x 11"h, made out of durable plastic with a dry erase finish, includes one dry erase pen, velcro and magnet tape for hanging.

Frecklebox personalized puzzles make great personalized gifts, each uniquely featuring the child’s name in different settings.

Frecklebox personalized story books are all about making your child the star of the story, and are designed to educate and entertain.

Frecklebox’s newest story book begins with a child’s quest to demonstrate love to those close to her. From drawing pictures to sharing experiences, our "Great Big Heart" book brings the meaning of love to life for children.

Frecklebox personalized coloring books are the ultimate party favor. Each fun and unique theme features the child’s name on every page and includes a set of four crayons.

Track their growth from the moment they can stand! Frecklebox personalized growth charts measure up to 60 inches and feature vivid inks on canvas, top and bottom wooden dowels and a matching ribbon for easy wall hanging.

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