Monday, November 1, 2010

5 year old Leukemia Patient Helps Parents Pay Health Costs with Etsy Art

I love that my son works hard every week to earn a wee something by Friday.  I feel fortunate that he is learning to work to get what he likes.  But there are many more lessons to learn..

Here's a little boy who loves life, loves his family and loves drawing. 

Aidan is battling very real monsters inside of him.  They are scary and they are painful, but he fights back with a courageous spirit.  We know there are many, because he shows them to us in his drawings.  

I was extremely touched to find that Aidan, who currently has leukemia,  helps pay his own medical costs by drawing pictures and selling them on Etsy.  Please help take these monsters away from Aidan and help him win his battle.  Monsters can be purchased off his Etsy site or you may donate any amount you'd like.

Aidan's aggressive smile is all I need to know he's a fighter.  I think perhaps Aidan has more lessons to teach us then we could ever teach him at the moment.

Leave an uplifting comment for Aidan and his family here or place one on his blog.  Words have life -- please send many and pass this along to your friends and family

Sincerely,  C.T. Kirkpatrick

Aidan's Monsters Etsy Site


Kitchen Belleicious said...

How inspiring to see a child battle a horrible disease but at the same time giving hope and help to his family and anyone else who sees his art. His life is a testimony to God's grace and I am so blessed to come across Aidan. I am headed to etsy NOW to purchase some of his art work! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing little boy! Thank you so much for posting this information to help him win his battle. How can you resist helping him when he is doing so much to help himself!