Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Gustav from Vincent Shoes

The Gustav by Vincent
We all have a weakness..mine happens to be shoes...for my children (if you haven't already guessed that).   When I came across the 'Gustav' by Vincent, I knew I just couldn't (or wouldn't) settle for anything less then this admirable special occasion shoe. 

The oxford classic is complimented with a shiny patent upper, giving the perfect finish to my well dressed beau. I discovered these little gems were not just fashionable, but comfortable -- as the ring bearer was found chasing the flower girl several times around the garden (and visa-versa).  I count myself very fortunate to have found such a formal shoe with a comfy fit.

Created by a doting uncle and his partner, who set out to find the perfect shoes for a very special nephew, "Vincent" -- but were never satisfied.  This inspired company in Stockholm, seeks to design shoes around the personality and lifestyle of a child.  What I love most about the Gustav and many other styles,  is the rounded toe --they have a signature 'dipped' look as it was noted how much Vincent loved to dip his food into various sauces and condiments.  It's especially nice in the classic fisherman's boot, above.

Vincent shoes start at pre-walker and go to about age 8.  They are made for both boys and girls.

Note:  I am assuming the 'Gustav' is a former season shoe, as it is only available through Vincent's Amazon site

The Gustav after a full day running in the wedding garden.

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