Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tyke Threads - Hip and Unique Clothing for Boys

Boys Only Retailer!

Captain Monkey Boys
There are moments in our life, and I'm sure many of us have had them, when we begin to question our passions and goals and wonder to ourselves if we are pursuing the right thing, or if we're just crazy...  

Whenever I come across a retailer who caters to boy fashion needs, I am calmed with the knowledge that 'There are others out there that see what I see.' 

Green Stripe and Turquoise Tile by Wonderboy
Tyke Threads started with a vision of bringing the world a place to dress your son with character and individuality, as Just for Jack was started to help bring you to them. 

Tyke Threads is based in Toronto, Ontario and have handpicked the best in boys from brands such as Appaman, Ben Sherman, Captain Monkey Boys, Glug, Knuckleheads, and Wonderboy.  Sizing is for boys, ages 0-4 with plans to carry up to size 7/8 in the fall. 

Bowling Shirt by Kid Brother (organic)
Tyke Threads is committed to bringing you the best in boys and customer service.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars. 

As Tyke Threads keeps to it's dreams of providing quality, hip clothing, I shall keep to mine.

Please visit Tyke Threads to view their fabulous collection of boys wear.  Here are a few of Jack's favorites:

Skateboards and Beach Buggy Tees by Appaman

"The Hamlet" by Captain Monkey Boys and Appaman Football Jersey Tee

Good Egg T-Shirt by Wonderboy
Primo Shirt by Knuckleheads

Available from Tyke Threads.  

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