Thursday, June 10, 2010

LouLou's Whimsicals - A Happy Haven Creator (Artist!)

Clean Your Stall Print - Wall Art
My son always enjoys his trips to the doctor, and although that may sound funny to some, I know the brightly colored artwork on the walls in the waiting room contribute to 90% -- the sticker at the end of the visit holds the other 10.  But have you ever stopped to wonder just who creates such enchanting designs?  I've just started to...

LouLou is a Board Member at Little Smiles
As mothers, we are very much aware of how our surroundings influence our children.  LouLou Marshall's goal is to inspire imagination.  Her work, with LouLou's Whimsicals, surrounds children with joyful colors and humorous messages.  LouLou was recently elected to Creative Director and board member of Little Smiles, a non-profit organization that attends to the needs of children undergoing serious medical treatment.  It's easy to see her besieging designs are brimming with a contagious love for children.  

Field of Creams Romper
LouLou's Whimsicals travels just about anywhere and she has also contributed to ABC's Extreme Makeover.  Her work can be found in children's clothing shops, hospitals, schools, public places and private homes.  You can also capture mementos of her creations on apparel, prints and growth charts.  She blends her unique approach to create one of a kind settings for children.  

I have really enjoyed seeing LouLou's work and am grateful for such a remarkable woman who can use her skills in such an inspiring way for children.  

Here are some of LouLou's recent projects:

El Bedroomo by LouLou Whimsicals

Ahoy Sailor, Eat Your Spinach! by LouLou's Whimsicals

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dirty Pig Print/Wall Art

Visit LouLou's Whimsicals to see more!


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Not only charming but unique ... and big kids AND little kids love her work!