Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reuseable Snack Bags by Moja Creations

 Innovation by Moja Creations

6 x 6 Snack-A-Long Snack Bag by Moja Creations

It's early Sunday morning, and I am sitting at the breakfast table with my mother admiring one of the unique items that have come in to Just for Jack for review.  It's not the first time I've been impressed with the innovation of moms and their unique take on necessity.  Moja Creations Reuseable Snack Bags were created for a green friendly world. 

I was 15 years old when I received my first sewing machine.  It probably weighed just as much as me at the time, but I would carry it to the table day after day and work on my projects.  Following in the steps of both grandmothers, I held a deep fondness for fabrics and all their marvelous potential in both dressmaking and crafts.  Now, sitting here, sipping my hot chocolate, I somehow envision these handmade gems in the school supply shop. 

Moja Creations have taken skill and resourcefulness and blended it with simple necessity.  These snack bags are double lined for extra freshness.  The velcro closure holds everything in tight.  An elastic loop makes toting easy on the stroller.  They can be turned inside out and wiped clean -- or toss them in the wash from time to time.  Created with bright, eye-catching and durable fabrics.

Thank you Moja Creations for such an ingenious, quality, product.  Just for Jack followers can use code:  justforjack for a 10% discount at Moja Creations.  Visit Moja Creations to see their full line of friendly products.

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