Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun Finds from Kitsel

A Unique Retreat

Browne's by 10 Again "Thumb Wrestling" T-Shirt

Pink Axle “Blue Motorcycle” Brown Beanie
Here's a place that carries clothing and gear with built-in laughter and smiles.  The choices you find at Kitsel have a way of saying, "I'm fun", "I'm happy" and "It's great to be me".  

Ed Hardy Kids "Sailor Monkey & Argyle
The clothing lines with character were combined as an effort to create a place full of the peculiar.  With styling that takes you far away from humdrum and straight to enlivening, Kitsel has proven to dress your child with personality. 

10 Grain Log Rocker- Small P
Kitsel's gear also has that touch of energy, with selections from Micralite, Small Paul, Svan and Ecotots.  If your desire is to refrain from the ordinary, you will more than likely find the extraordinary at Kitsel.

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TOOBY*DOO "Blue Stripes” William Shirt
TOOBY*DOO "Washed" Jeans

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