Friday, April 16, 2010

Kiwi Industries - Crocodile and Lizard Tees

A crocodile stands out ready to snap it's ferocious jaws, and our attention with merry hues of red and yellow. Set upon a cream background of 100% organic cotton fabric.  These are well made in a medium weight fabric - durable enough to handle several washings.  I recently discovered my son wearing these as an undershirt, as he preferred its gentle texture to his plain ones.

The grinning lizard has a cordial manner about him despite his spiky armed back.  His gregarious green character is tamed by a deep brown edging.  The simple nature about these shirts sets well with me.  Will be ordering more for summer.  I have found the sizing to be a tad on the small end, (especially after washing) so you may want to order one size bigger to fit your boy.  

Made by: Kiwi Industries 
Sizes: to 8 years with various designs.  
Made of:  100% organic cotton
Price:  around $16.00 
Where to find:  I got mine at The Boy's Store.

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