Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clif Kid - Organic Twisted Fruit

"It's twisted, it's tart-y, it's sweet and it's heart-y...."   Clif Kid definitely has something here.  I threw a box of these in the car on the way to my son's annual physical, and I was glad I did as it was a surprising treat for us in the middle of our day.  I thought I was going to bite into something exceedingly sweet or disappointingly bland -- but instead, I got a burst of zingy tartness with a perfect drop of natural sweetness.  The several strands of fruit puree are twisted into rope-like fashion, giving the product a chewy, yet tender texture.  At the stop light I started peering at the ingredients and was once again, pleasantly pleased to see fruit and concentrate are basically all it is.  As I started vocalizing my sentiments, the above jingle just sprang into life -- I don't know, maybe it's muse infused...oops!  There I go again.  After all the adjectives (and fruit) left my tongue, I heard my son speak 4 words; "  Mmmm....This is good."   Perhaps that's all that needs to be said.  It's not just organic, it's also gluten-free and has a good amount of c and b vitamins.  This one goes in the lunch pail.  

Organic Twisted Fruit can be purchased in singles, a 6 piece box or 18-24 piece bulk orders.  They come in various flavors -- we tried tropical and have pineapple on order.  Check the Health Food Section of your local grocer.  They vary in price depending on where you purchase them.  Purchase from:  Clif Bar & Company

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