Friday, June 24, 2011

Sumo Tube and Splash Guard Combo

This single chamber tube is made of 100 heavyduty PVC and is put over the rider like a shirt instead of being directly attached to the boat. Take it to the beach for the ultimate body surfing experience or grab two SUMOS and have a SUMO wrestling match with a friend The SUMO SPLASH GUARD (included) is an inflatable armrest/handle with a sleek splashdeflecting design that will keep the spray out of your face. Featuring 6 double webbing foam handles and EVA foam knuckle guards on a heavyduty full nylon cover. Simply connect a standard tow rope to the SUMO SPLASH GUARD and you can steer the SUMO TUBE back and forth jump the wake and roll 360s. Sumo Tube Features:. Unique OneOfAKind Design. Multifunctional: Towable Action or Sumo Body Surfing. Speed Safety Valve. Simple One Chamber Design. WideOpen Neck and Arm Holes. Sumo Splash Guard Features:. Sleek inflatable armrest/handle with SplashDeflecting Design. HeavyDuty DoubleStitched Full Nylon Cover with Zipper. Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards. Simple One Chamber Design.

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