Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Little Teething Trick of Mine

Today I was making Banana Pops (milk, a little sugar, flavoring and a bit of vegetable food coloring) and remembered my little teething trick.

My first son had a hard time with teething.  At the same time he was preferring juice in place of his milk, which caused concern over his calcium intake.  While watching him devour an ice-pop, an idea struck.  I poured my toddler's milk into a popsicle mold and froze it.  I was so delighted to find he found it equally devouring.  Not only did it take the edge off his teething pain, but I found a way to have him drink his milk!

I have since given this little tidbit to several moms  who have benefited from it as well.(Note:  Our 6 year old nibbled a bite off the plain milk pop before I could even snap a pic.. ;-)

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