Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Binary Dad - Ultimate "Geeky" Dad Gift

June is speeding right along.  With the sunshine comes the opportunity to recognize dad on his special day.  Here is an Ultimate Geeky Dad Gift.  The Binary Code've guessed it -- "DAD".  The   t-shirt is made from 100% cotton, heavy weight and in 'dad-friendly' blue.  For the tech-savvy dad, the Binary Dad t-shirt is a perfect gift for Father's Day.

If you love the binary dad shirt, and must have more, how about this Power Symbol shirt.  My oldest son actually has this one. The power symbol even Glows in the Dark!  The first day my son wore this to class he got all sorts of comments from "You have the power!" to "Just SHUTDOWN.."  (His belly also got button pushed to his feigned annoyance).  The T-shirt is also available in kid sizes.

This is my personal favorite.  If you are a "Princess Bride" fan, then this will give you a good, long chuckle.  The movie is one of our favorites and we often quote 'Inigo Montoya'.  The T-shirt is also 100% cotton.  Black with red and white name tag.  Have a look at for some of the most delightful and amusing gifts that will more than likely please any dad. 

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Suzanne said...

I love all three but especially the last one. I think I might have to just get that one for my daughter who just loves the "Princess Bride" movie