Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bus Driver Box of Goodies

We decided to go the 'Baked Goods' route for our end of the year gift.  Our driver is such a kind man, and so good with the children.  There is order and seat assignments on his bus.  No one messes with 'Mr. Ron'.  When there is rain or snow or any kind of inclement weather -- our driver drops each child in front of their home.  

I purchased a small, round box from a local craft store and painted it.  I downloaded a school bus template (from, reduced it on our copier, then made stencils to sponge onto the box. A simple octagon was created from my power-point shapes for a stop sign.  My son assisted (but mostly told me what to paint, as he was being lazy). 

If you didn't want to paint, there is a color version of the bus template.  We filled our Bus Driver Box with my little boy's favorite frosted banana cookies.  We haven't met anyone who doesn't like them.  Wrap it up with some decorative ribbon and you're set.  There are other printables available too.

P.S.  We lined our box with foil and put parchment in-between the layers of cookies.  

I can't believe a whole year of kindergarten is ending :-(  (they grow so fast..)

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