Sunday, May 1, 2011

B is for Baseball...C is for Commitment

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The Boys Store
We're just finishing up our first season of baseball "ever" in this household.  When practice and games begin taking over 3 nights  a week, you know you're committed.  It's all about fun and learning team sportsmanship at this age.  What astounded me the most wasn't my son's steady improvement -- nor his joy of stepping on home plate.  No, it was...well, myself.  Normally quite timid and docile, I still don't know how those "YOU'RE SO AWESOME!" shouts are coming out of my mouth.  Every time I see my 6 year old hit a line drive or just make it to first base in the nick of time - they just seem to slip out.

There is truly a joy in this good, old fashioned, All American game.  I will never look at a baseball the same way again.  There's just too much respect and a lot of wonderful memories now. 

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