Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief - Adelmo the Spaceman Doll Miniature on Etsy

There are so many creative geniuses on Etsy, and now ATELIER POMPADOUR  has found an inspirational way to give to the dear and courageous people of Japan.  I am so appreciative of this thoughtfulness that I wanted to post this art for sale right away.

When you purchase Adelmo the Spaceman the entire amount will be donated to The American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund.   Buyer will receive a copy of the Red Cross receipt, as a proof of the donation.  This talented artist lives and works in Italy and has agreed to pay the shipping as well!

Adelmo is a little spaceman made from polymer clay and entirely painted by hand.  He is a little over 5 inches high and comes with a helmet and shuttle.  According to Atelier Pompadour,  Adelmo the Spaceman has walked on the moon, can move his arms, legs and rotate his head!  He comes with a shuttle and a helmet!

You can't help but feel good about this offer; an exceptional piece of artwork and a donation all in one.  

 Have a look around Atelier Pompadour unique set of artwork and let her know your favorites!


creativitity channel said...

Ohh! Chimene thank you so much for the feature!!I'm really touched from what has happened to Japan this is the least I can do for that battered people. You have a lovely blog. thank you so much again.

China said...

You are the one to be thanked!

Rely said...

I love Atelierpompadour pieces of art! She is really talented. It's also a sweet thought the donation for japan! :)

China said...

I agree with you. If anyone else knows of other artists doing the something similar, please let me know and I'll post it. Thanks.