Friday, March 25, 2011

Alegria Shoes! You WILL Have Gawkers

They Won't mean to...I have found my new pair of Alegria's just tend to bring on-lookers -- who can't take their eyes off these fun, functional, fashionable and fantastically comfortable shoes!

Alegria Classic Peace & Love Clogs, Work and Safety Women Black Patent

Alegria Classic Peace & Love Clogs, Work and Safety Women Black Patent
The Alegria Classic Peace & Love Clog is what happy looks like! Set in aprinted leather upper, the clog features a t-strap design and adjustablebuckle detailing to ensure a perfect fit. Add some love to your look, this clog is fitted with plentyof technology to keep you comfortable and on your feet.Technical Features:Removable InsoleFoot problem? No problem!Removable footbed allows insertion of custom orthotics to reduce your problems. Leather InsoleDon't sweat it - naturally breathable leather insole with built-in arch support to bring even more happiness to your feet. Anatomically Correct FootbedFootbed designed to form the natural shape of your feet for long lasting comfort. Rocker OutsoleEngineered to roll naturally reducing heel and central metatarsal pressure. Rocker outsole also encourages proper posture and normal gait. In English? You ROCK! Extra DepthExtra depth makes a roomier fit and a roomier fit makes wiggling all five toes easy and fun. Flat, Stable BottomFlat bottom maximizes contact with floor for incresed stability. Ooh look, butterflies!

Check out the many styles and color patterns.

Alegria Tuscany Leather Clogs Women Red

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