Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Are Your Christmas Stocking Traditions?

I suppose every family has their traditions for stocking-stuffers.  Christmas morning has always held wonderful memories for me, not just for the Spirit of the season and what Santa left under the tree -- but for the thoughtful little items he put in my stocking.  I was always amazed at how personal my little treasures were and wondered quite often how Father Christmas understood me on such an individual level...

My stocking was like a second little Christmas.  I was always the first child awake, and I would quietly sit in front of the Christmas tree and bask in the beautiful 'unwrapped' gifts Santa left displayed.  I knew I couldn't touch anything until the rest of the family awakened, but peeking through my stocking was clearly within my limits. 

There was only a little bit of candy-- but not just any kind.  There were pop-rocks..the latest craze at the time and maybe a Big favorite, and a special tin of pretty mints.  There was a Bonnie Bell lip-gloss in watermelon flavor I had been begging mom for and other unique toiletries such as a new banana comb, headbands and a coveted nail polish.  The stocking seemed endless as I carefully and lovingly pulled my goodies out.  A quality toothpaste from the health food store, a new red wallet..all the tender, little measures that meant so much to me.  I knew I reached the bottom when I came to the traditional orange and nuts that filled the toe of the stocking.

I try to carry on this tradition -- when I see the same excitement mirrored in my children's face as they get ready to dig into their stocking (they don't get up as early as I did)...I think I may be doing alright.  It's wonderful how the simple, sweet measures can leave a big memory in our hearts.

What are your stocking traditions?  I would love some new ideas.  I've included the links to "Little Necessities" and "Hygiene" just in case you needed a few ideas. 


Shairbearg said...

We never had certain things that had to be in our stocking, but it was always just special little treasures for us. So that's my tradition. My hubby has his things he likes to get so i make sure I have those in there for him. My boys are 4, 2 and 9 months so they haven't really decided what they must have yet. Although my 4yo says "Daddy fills the stockings, not Santa". So no matter what we do Daddy will get the credit LOL. We have gotten them some of their favourite candies which is a treat as they don't usually get candy. We got them socks, and a t-shirt each. Some pencil crayons as they love to do crafts.

China said...

I do the practical things too. Pencils, pens, crayons, coloring books...always useful and fun!