Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking for Unique and "Just So Cool" Christmas Gifts? Try Etsy

We usually don't have trouble with the big gifts..it's all those 'side orders' that we want to still make as delectable as the main course.   
Time has been passing me by.  I begin a little search on Etsy.com and then I am somehow lost in the immeasurable selection of unique and one of a kind gift items.  The good part is, I count the time as highly effective -- as nearly all my Christmas shopping is -- not just done -- but has SO EXCITED me for Christmas now.  Here are a few fun things I have found.

I am so impressed with this toy pop-up tent from Toys Tents and Chairs.  The bottom is a lined piece of thin plywood.  It folds flat for storage and comes with two little matching sleeping bags. It is so well made, and I can't wait for my little boy to see it!  They come in various colors and patterns.

 Since our family is highly allergic to animals, I found him something that looks very close to real. This little, golden hamster toy is so sweet, and also well-made.  It measures around 5" x 2.5"  and was made by:  Furry Thangs.  The price was fantastic and I like it so much more then (ahem) those other ones out on the market at the moment.  (I'm sure the tent will be his new home).

We have an older (gaming ) son...so this Gaming T-Shirt is not only going to get several laughs from all his friends in high school, but the wearer will really appreciate that mom has humor too. Jam Jam Tees has some of the most hilarious T-Shirts I've seen.  (I've put several in my "Favorites" list for upcoming birthdays and such).

Here are a couple other things for that same gaming (and guitar playing) son:

A Chocolate game controller and game?  Yes!  How cool is this mom?  Mandies Candies has so many unique chocolates.  I can't tell you how they taste yet..but they smell lovely.  The personalized guitar pick case (or you decide what you'd like to put in it) is by Tiny Tins.  It arrived here so quickly and will make a fantastic little stocking stuffer.

We have princess number 2 here too.  Our sweet sixteen spends 2/3 of her morning hour perfecting her makeup job.  She has also grown up in the Pokemon Era and loves to draw anything anime.  Isn't this just the perfect gift?  Pokemon Make-Up!  Who would have thought?  Shiro Cosmetics (makeup and geekery) makes a variety of sets to choose from.  Her bio says she's kind of a nerd sometimes...Thank You Shiro, I love nerds!

Top it off with this little Pikachu makeup bag from Krafty Minds (Nostalgically Inspired Bags and More) made with Pikachu fabric.  It will store these cosmetics perfectly don't you think?!

Garnishing it with Pokeball Earrings from Ordinary Vanity and a Snorlax 'Cupcake' Necklace from The Bird and the Bee , and we're talking a well deserved Christmas hug for this mummy.  

I'm so excited.  I hope I've excited you too and that you'll take a minute to have a look on etsy.com.  I have found all my purchases to be of great quality and fast shipment.  Most will ship internationally.  Several have put a personal thank you note in the package as well.  It's so nice to buy from (human) crafting artists...love them!

Oh, and I almost forgot.  We got this for my son's girlfriend...that is, if I don't take it first!  I love this Guitar Pick Necklace from Moon Light Adornments with the symbol for love in Chinese.  The chain comes at 22" but the seller will adjust it shorter -- just ask, that's what I did.  Happy Shopping.  To visit Etsy click here.


Anonymous said...

haha I love this! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your blog ^___^

The Bird & The Bee

MandiesCandies said...

These are such great items! I wish I was there to see their face on Christmas morning! Thank you for mentioning MandiesCandies!