Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bus Driver Gifts

Personalized Bus Driver Card from Etsy Shop Serendipitees

As I waved goodbye this morning to our 5 year old I stopped to think how grateful I was for his humble and patient bus driver.  One of the neighbors started to wonder what to get him for Christmas and I realized I hadn't even thought about it.

So, of course, I went online and started to peek around at the various gifts and related posts and discovered a couple of things you should know:

T-Shirt from CafePress
1)  Many drivers have too many "Bus Driver" themed gifts and although they are appreciated, they have grown somewhat tired of them and would really appreciate something else.  However, I have posted a themed gift here because I felt it was hilarious and maybe you have a new bus driver this year...or just want to give your old one a good laugh.

2)  After reading a post here and there, Bus Drivers themselves always find gift cards a lovely show of appreciation.  Gift Cards to fast food places was also recommended as they are always on the go and usually get their lunches from such places.

3)  A personalized card is always welcome with homemade treats.  You could have your child make the card or purchase  as unique find on Etsy.

I like all three ideas, and as the same bus driver comes once at 6:45am for our high school-ers, and then at 7:45 for our Kindergartner, I almost feel like I should do all 3!

Hope these ideas help.

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