Monday, October 11, 2010

Dogwood USA - Fall 2010 Collection Review

Here in the South, it doesn't take long strolling down a country road, before you run into a Dogwood Tree.  Considered by some as the best all round flowering.  This splendid tree has a way of holding itself in such a manner, it always grabs attention -- As does Dogwood Clothing Company

But lets face it, trees mean only one thing to a little boy -- something to climb.  

Dogwood Clothing Co. was created by a former Nordstom buyer and has transplanted its roots right in the center of the boys market growing into a well trusted, and impressive boys clothing company.  With full season styles capturing your attention -- Dogwood blends it's stout classic lines with notable quality and freshness.

Constructed with lived-in softness, these clothes have been built around boy.  Play in them, lounge in them, live in them (or climb a tree in them).  The athletic sweat pant coordinates well with everything and the welt pockets lend a stepped up look. 

Just for Jack is always happy to dress in Dogwood.  Styles are available from Dogwood USA or fine boutiques such as The Boys Store.  To see a complete collection go to Dogwood USA.

Note:  Use coupon code just4jack at The Boys Store and receive 20% off your order.  Several Dogwood styles available here.

P.S.:  Here's a pic of a white flowering dogwood:

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Suzanne said...

Dogwood Clothing is everything boy. Great quality clothing, fun design and most of all COMFORTABLE. Love the brand!!

Anonymous said...

i love dogwood!! lasts forever...i pass it down though all 3 of my boys!!

China said...

Thanks! I love it too!