Monday, October 4, 2010

Crispy Baked Macaroni Cups from Belleicious Kids

Crispy Baked Macaroni Cups from Belleicious Kids

Ritz Crackers blended with Mac & Cheese in a muffin cup....what could be better then that?  There's a touch of fall in the air, and with that change comes a familiar favorite this month that I know your boys will love.

Funny how things come to you when your desires are calling.  Jessica Maher is a fellow 'Southern Momma' and enjoys cooking soooo much that she now has 2 blogs where she shares her wonderful recipes.  When Jessica sent me a message announcing her new recipes/blog for kids meals, I was thrilled to be able to pass this onto you.

You can find this recipe with more to come at Belleicious Kids.  I'm looking forward to trying this one -- all my boys absolutely love mac & cheese.  Thanks Jessica!  


Kitchen Belleicious said...

Thanks girl for posting about this. I hope your kids will love it as well as other moms. Your site is amazing and keep up the wonderful work! Love ya

Melissa ( Southern mommas) said...

This sounds so yummy :) Even for the adults - Who doesn't love mac - n- cheese , oh and ritz are calling my name .Thanks for linking to us .