Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Backyard Treehouse Survives in Manhattan

Three cheers for two little girls who get to keep their unique treehouse.  I think our boys will lend loud applause for this win.  Perhaps that complaining neighbor has been grown up for so long, they have forgotten how much a treehouse of this sort increases imagination...and obviously they were unaware of the Magic one can bring.

You know, I really think mummy and her two little girls should invite grumpy neighbor for lunch in the treehouse.  Maybe then a bit of memory will be jarred and he will have a glimpse of the joy obviously left behind somewhere.  (Oh dear, I feel another story coming on..better jot it down like the rest).  Perhaps among the "no smoking, no drinking, no swearing" rules, should be a new sign posted:  "Don't Mess with My Imagination".  For the full story click here.

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