Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellow Turtle - Children's Clothing and Ski Wear for All Ages

Guitar Tee by Patagonia
Turtles are amazing creatures.  Dating back from 215 million years ago, this reclusive reptile and it's all weather shell can amazingly live a very long life (over 200 years for some species) with virtually no deterioration to it's vital organs!  Perhaps that covering of theirs does far more then we think.

Black Sunglasses by Real Kids Shades
Based in Stowe, Vermont, Yellow Turtle Children's Clothing and Ski Wear has also been around for a long time and seeks to provide children with the best all weather protection.  For the past 20 years Yellow Turtle has been outfitting kids of all ages.

Boardie Shorts by Patagonia

Carrying an enormous assortment of styles and brands such as; Appaman, Charlie Rocket, Patagonia, Wes and Willy, Claesen, Hartstrings and more.  With Yellow Turtle you'll be able to stay cool, stay warm, stay dry and stay in style.  Watch this week as we feature many of Yellow Turtle's great choices in boys clothing.  Here are a few Just for Jack picks:

Bucket Hat by Flap Happy

Motocycle Tee by Appaman
Vintage Black Shorts by Appaman
Blue Guitar Tee by Patagonia
Tile Blue Boardie Shorts by Patagonia

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