Friday, June 4, 2010

Sami Bop Quality Vintage and Recycled Fabric Kidswear

Cowboy TeePee Pant by Sami Bop
I have a confession to publicize and get off my chest.  I'm sure there's some type of professional name for it, but for now we'll just say I'm a 'Fabric Hoarder'.  Yes.  For the past several years I have been 'storing' fabric.  I tend to go into fabric shops and become incapable of making a decision.  I get totally overtaken by it and completely and utterly controlled.  I wash it, iron it and fold it nicely in my cupboard -- because one day, (when I have time --hahaha) I'm going to make something from it.  I no longer have room in my cupboards, and so it has been lovingly placed in big storage tubs.  My husband patiently brought a few boxes in for me today, and I finally realized...I think I have a problem....?

Striped Cotton Cowboy Pants
I have recently come across a very talented mom of two who has found an ingenious way of creating beautiful designs, from 'previously used' fabric and clothing.  She is a fabric recycle-er, creating beautiful vintage and recycled fabric kids wear.  Sami Bop has been salvaging fabric since the early 80s, creating some very exciting and unusual wear.

Mock Suede Fringe Jacket
Sami Bop is located in Sydney, Australia (I can't think of Australia without seeing "The Man from Snowy River" in my mind -- you know the scene; riding down the steep mountainside with barefaced confidence) and I thought it curious, as it was Sami Bops' remarkable western wear that I was first attracted to.  I haven't come across a jacket with this kind of fringe in a very long time. 

1950 Cowboy Patch on Red Check
With a knowledge of fabric design and production industry, Sami Bop creates each and every item herself, using selective patterns and style arrangements.  Sami Bop is also a member of  DUST (Down Under Street Team) which is a group of Australian Artists, Craft people and Artisans who support Etsy and wish to promote independent Handcrafted Goods in Australia and worldwide.

Shaggy Chenille Teddy Bear Pants
Not only does Sami Bops' talented philosophy tell me that fabric will always be usable, no matter how old (sitting in containers for years), but the unique and endearing designs have changed my own attitude.  Surely now, I am a fabric collector... or...connoisseur.  And obviously, after looking at what Sami Bop has to offer, fabric only gets better with time.

Visit Sami Bops to see all of her incredible work. 
To see the dustteam and handmade work sweeping Australia, visit

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