Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mudpuppy Puzzles and Sticker Books with Cowboy and Horse Theme

Mudpuppy is always a pleasure to present.  Here are a couple of puzzles and a mini play scene with 'vinal' stickers book.

"Cowboy Small" puzzle.  On sale now for $7.00"

"Mr. Small does it all!" reads the jacket copy on a reprint of the Lois Lenski's charming Cowboy Small book. You can see Mr. Small on Mudpuppy's Plane/Train Puzzle, where he appears as a pilot and as an engineer, too.

On this Cowboy Small Mini Cube Puzzle, Cowboy Small, in a ten-gallon hat, wearing chaps, lasso ready, gallops in on his pinto horse Cactus. It's a charmer for all those who have fond memories of westerns.  For children 3+

Puzzle greyboard made of 100% recycled paper. Packaging contains a minumum of 75% recycled paper. Printed with non-toxic inks

"Morning Meadow" 63-piece puzzle
Stocky ponies cavort in a flowery meadow with fantastic trees and bushes and with a cool stream running through it on Mudpuppy's Morning Meadow 63-piece puzzle. Claudine Gevry illustrated the scene.  For children 5+

"On the Farm" Mini Play Scene Sticker Book
Horses, cows, goats, pigs, geese and all the usual barnyard friends cavort on the farm. Have fun arranging them! With over 40 vinyl stickers to choose from, this play scene is not only portable fun for children, it’s educational too! Illustrated by the justifiably popular Clare Beaton in her applique felt style.

Available from Mudpuppy

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