Monday, June 7, 2010

Captain Monkey Boys - Saving the World from Badly Dressed Boys

Why does all the talent and innovation have to go to girls?  I truly believe there are amazing and gifted artists who can change the entire fashion universe for boys. It doesn't have to be done in an outlandish and impractical way.  There are many who can hold a vision and bring it with the same respect, character and enjoyment that is brought to the girls world.

Years before Just for Jack evolved, I often had discussions with other moms and even 'grandmoms', about the annoying displeasure of shopping for boys clothing.  Thankfully, I knew how to sew, and was always complimented on my son's wardrobe.  However, 13 years later and with the blessing of another boy in our home, I became even more astonished that the dilema still existed.  Same old, same old was all I could think when browsing the shops.  For the last 5 years I've paid special attention to the market and logged in hours of research of what's out there.  I wanted fresh, I wanted creative, I wanted far more then a slapped on decal or denim overalls.

Designer, Esther Marie has much of the same thinking.  Captain Monkey Boys began with a desire:  Dress to Impress.  Captain Monkey Boys line not only seeks to save the world from badly dressed boys, but helps lead them with trendsetting designs.

Esther Marie has been involved with fashion for several years, and brings her experience to the place she feels needs it the most -- boys.  Captain Monkey Boys designs are a step up and I am so in love with the shirt and contrasting cuff look.  This is the kind of subtle creativity that I believe becomes a head turner.

Captain Monkey Boys are available in sizes 2T - 16 Years
For information on wholesale:  1-800 514-0549 

Captain Monkey Boys is also available at Tyke Threads

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Wow! Awesome clothing line. Great article. Thank you