Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Signing Time - Children's Sign Language Program for All!

Babies can Sign Before They Can Talk!

Children learn motor skills before they can talk.  In what seemed seconds, I learned 3 signs that are now permanently in my head.  (see short previews ) I'm very impressed with Signing Time and the inspiration behind it.  Folk Rock performer Rachel Coleman has turned the bitterest of lemons into the sweetest and most fulfilling success. Rachel and Aaron Coleman's challenges have helped thousands understand a new and beautiful world, giving us all the opportunity to benefit greatly from it.

When teaching their daughter Leah Sign Language they found that when her friends could only point and whine for the things they wanted, Leah would sign "Juice, not milk" or "Cheese and crackers, please". Other parents took notice, and when Rachel's sister Emilie began teaching Sign Language to her son Alex, at only 10 months, he stopped fussing and signed "milk".
Rachel and Emilie decided to create a captivating, entertaining video to teach sign language to hearing children, thus Signing Time was born! 

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Baby Signing Time
Signing Time
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