Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tees for Change: Choose Happiness!

A Moment for Mum

I've been accused more then once of being a bit too altruistic at times.  The fact is, we wouldn't be human if we didn't admit to having a bad day or two... It is times like these when I am grateful for little reminders such as this.  "Choose Happiness" from Tees for Change, prompts us not only to remember that we have the power of choice, but the positive scripting inspire us to become all that we can -- and in the best way possible.

Made from a combination of organic cotton and bamboo, Tees for Change also evoke the suggestion of a healthier and sustainable world.  The tees are comfortable and becoming.  New styles are launched twice a year with a welcome of new phrases and suggestions from customers.  Sizes run in S, M, and L and average around $32.00

What is your uplifting creed?  Just for Jack would love to hear it today.  


Jenn said...

Life is Good!!

China said...

Thanks Jenn, Life is Good! Every breath is beautiful!