Monday, May 10, 2010

Ragaboo Designer: Ragda McAfee

Continuing with my bamboo passions, I searched diligently for a designer, that could put a bamboo textile to use in a captivating manner for children.  I was so very pleased to come across Ragda's "Ragaboo" creations by chance and be completely fulfilled in my quest.  With organic bamboo, organic cotton and lead-free dyes she has blended them precisely for silky softness and thoughtful wear.  Although never choosing white (she has four boys) her color palette is refined in an easygoing, playful style.  Her clever designs are instilled with messages of love for our earth, set forth with contemplative approach.

In our recent phone tags, voicemails and conversations, I have discovered Ragda McAfee to be an uplifting woman and mother with much love and talent to share.  I cannot help but feel, that combined with her insightful goals and attitude, we will be seeing much more of her joy in lighter living around us soon.

Ragda McAfee is the owner and founder of Ragaboo.  She has her own well run website and wholesales her clothing as well.  Her organic bamboo provider was well researched, ensuring the best in green.

In honor of our Bamboo Month, Ragda is sponsoring a give away at Just for Jack for one of her inspiring shirts.  Please click here to see the contest details.

Product:  Organic Bamboo/Cotton Children's T-Shirts
Sizes:  2-12 Years
Gender:  Boys, Girls, Unisex
Where to Purchase:  Ragaboo  (Using coupon code:  livelighter will provide you with a $5.00 discount toward order of $50 or more.)
International Shipping Available:  By phone orders only  
Location:  Florida

Your order from Ragaboo comes lovingly wrapped in brown tissue and string with a sticker replicating what's enclosed.  Detail was given to the last information tag, as they provide you with many facts about organic bamboo and cotton.

That's a little 'tatoo' to the right!
Thank you Ragda for sharing your inspiration and helping educate many of the benefits of wearing bamboo.  Ragda's blog can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

How nice of you to help Ragda and Ragoboo by posting such a great adn informative message on your blog about her. She is an amazing mother of 4 adorable boys! Happy Mother's Day to all.
Nancy Burk

Jack said...

Love it!! Thanks for passing on the info! Her stuff looks great!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful line of clothing and with appreciation for our Mother Earth. Thanks to "just for jack" for bringing this line of clothing to our attention!