Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Summer 3 Wall Art by Cathy Nichols

Hello Summer 3, by Cathy Nichols

It really is a pleasure to find hours of work paid off by running into such a delight.  Cathy Nichols had planned on becoming an English Professor when she was young, until a colorful abstract picture held her captive to it's version of joy.  With passion and undaunted effort, her work emerges, whispering it's own tale of existence through color and brightness.

Here is Cathy's Summer 3.  The original is sold, but a print is still available on matte card or on wood.  This wall art would add an immense degree of dimension to any room, especially your little boy's!  Thank you Cathy, you have truly fed my eyes today!  To see more of Cathy Nichols work go to cathynichols.com

Available on 7" x 7" matte card and signed for $25.00
Available on 7.5" x 7.5" wood for $70.00

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