Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods

I found  these exquisite delights in one of my favorite whole food shops.  The glistening drops of colorful sugars and smell of pure butter swirling in the air, lured me over with shameless glee.  Starfish, strawberries, bees, ladybugs, frogs and  ice cream cone shapes were all glorified in glamorous works of art. I knew I was a goner.

Think of homemade Scottish shortbread, topped with a light layer of frosting and dusted with sparkling adoration.  I felt I needed to try a second, (purely for the sake of blogging you understand).  I must say I didn't know art would taste so good.

Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods, started in 1996.  This talented bake-tist makes all her masterpieces by hand, which she feels ensures the quality and flavor.  She uses all natural and organic ingredients.  Gianna's is based in Castroville, California, where the popularity of her pastries increase continually throughout the greater west.  I'm so glad I found them here in the southeast, but never fear -- Gianna's has an online site where you too can order.  I find these great for small gatherings or gifts.  Gianna's is also renowned for her pies, which was actually the way she started her business.

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Website:  Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods
Products:  Specialty cookies, pies, cakes, scones, loaf breads, mixes and cookie cutters
Costs:  Varies by item 
Location:  Castroville, California
International Shipping:  Not at this time
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