Thursday, May 6, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I Do!!!  Finally!  My childhood days are full of vivid memories of dandelions wishes.  Perhaps to a parent, a dandelion is nothing but a weed, but to me it has been the wishbone of our garden.  My mother taught me how to pick them when they turned to a white ball of seed, think of something I wanted terribly bad, and blow the seeds into the sky with the wish in my heart. 

A mother myself, I can't help but smile when my son rushes in and excitedly says, "I picked a flower for you mommy!"  Yellow dandelions in our yard don't bother me -- they are too quickly picked by our preschooler and brought inside for loving care.  Come summer they will turn to fluff,  ready to serve the imagination of many.

I want to thank Anne from "Deal Wise Mommy" for helping me get my button together.  One of our children made the picture and when I mentioned to Anne how I wished I knew someone who could make a button for me, she volunteered.  See, those dandelion seeds never stop working.  Anne is a fellow blogger and mother of a sweet little boy.  Anne made the sacrifice to stay at home with her child, and in doing so has magnified her blessings by sharing all her wonderful saving tips with many, many other mothers.

Parenthood is beautiful.  The next time you see a dandelion, make a wish of your own.  Have a beautiful day everyone!

P.S.:  My button is down to the left if you'd like to grab it. :-D

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Maria said...

Oh, I too love dandelions and have two little boys who love to blow on these white fuzzy "flowers" to help spread their wishes :)
Hope you have beautiful day too!