Thursday, April 29, 2010

M&Ms for Breakfast

My little boy woke up asking for his M&Ms.  "What M&Ms?"  I inquired.  "The one's I dreamed about", he said innocently.  Apparently he dreamed of being on a sailboat eating M&Ms with our family.  SO, how's a mom to say 'no' to that...?  It's only in the spirit of helping dreams come true.

Today would have been my dad's 74th birthday.  I woke up remembering how much he loved children and how he would often give me sweeties when he shouldn't have.  I had just bought this bag of candy on sale a few days ago, and stashed it high away.  As I poured the colored chocolate pieces in a bowl, I wondered, if perhaps this was just his little way of saying hello...

I'm a bit teary and sentimental.  My mind isn't in gear, I'm moving slow and just boiled eggs dry (have you ever heard an egg pop?) The house is smelling like burnt eggshells - so I better snap out of it.

Nothing a hot bubble bath won't mend I'm sure.  Lots of errands today -- must put eggs on the list now.  I guess I'm eating M&Ms for breakfast too. 

see: My Daddy Wears Cowboy Boots...any questions? 

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