Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leather and Lace-Ups by L'amour

In a world where velcro and slip-ons take the lead, this shoe holds its own with its quiet, confident presence.  The rounded toe with lacing upper gives this leather shoe a touch of English School Boy with a Yankee edge. The high top is perfectly padded with a smooth inner liner.  The quality leather is pliable, breaking in easily and lending more character over time.  Versatile, as it smartens up jeans and shorts, yet wears well for higher occasions.

Lending more character as it breaks in.
Dad's words:  "That's a good looking shoe.  
"Passer-by words:  "That shoe looks like it will last forever and get passed on to the next child and the next."

Made by:  L'amour Shoes  (Style P572, S0571)
Variations:  brown or navy
Sizes:  5-12
Price:  around $38-50
Where to purchase:  I got mine from Allypop!  (The owner took my son's shoe size and then I had to wait patiently for it as she placed it on order - about 5 business days).

Here are some other places that sell L'amour:
Just give the retailer the above style number and ask them kindly to order them for you if they don't carry this particular shoe.

Worried about shoe tying?  Some say it's becoming a lost art.  When I was a den mother, I recall how much my cub scouts enjoyed their knot-tying lessons.  Why not start them a little early (between 5-7 recommended).  Here's a helpful link:

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