Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crocodile Creek - Barnyard 123 Floor Puzzle

If you think an enchanting depiction is the only thing concealed within childhood puzzles, think again.  Also hidden within this playful activity are many, extraordinary skill building benefits.  In general, puzzles challenge different parts of our brain, which in turn increase a child's comprehension.

This striking portrayal of barnyard animals heightens a desire for puzzle time.  Its' thick, glossy cardboard construction lends well to its uniquely shaped pieces.  All organized tidily within a sturdy and colorful carry case.  This one is a pleasure to piece together with your young child.  An additional benefit of counting is included with this talented design.

Ages:  3-6
Company:  Crocodile Creek 
Construction:  Heavy Cardboard
Where to buy:  I got mine at Padilly

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Note:  It's important to choose puzzles appropriate to age.  The traditional age starts around 18 months, beginning with peg puzzles.

Advanced Skill-Building Benefits of Puzzles:

*  Awareness/foundation building
    learning the sum of many make a whole
    organizing thoughts & actions
    thinking in steps
    triggering deeper thoughts
    preparation for math thinking skills

*  Recognition/concentration
    identify various colors & shapes
    identify letters & numbers
    preparation for reading & writing skills

*  Develops motor skills
    hand-eye coordination
    pincer grasp
    preparation for writing (holding pencil)

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