Friday, April 9, 2010

Never Under-Estimate the Seemingly Insignificant

I have an interesting story for you here.  When my oldest was in elementary school, I had a placemat for her that had all the presidents of the United States.  As the years went by our family ended up moving to England for a time.  As we lived in the courtryside, we chose to place our daughter in a British High School.  One day her social studies teacher, (who thought he'd be a bit funny when preparing his class to study American history), asked if anyone knew who America's '15th' president was.  As this British class sat silent, he decided to focus on his 'American' student, pointedly asking her who it was.  She just casually looked up and said, "...Hmmm, let's see...wasn't it James Buchanan..?"  It wasn't the last time in her life that she'd make her teacher's jaw drop.  When she came home and told us the story, I ask, "How did you know that?"  She looked shocked that I didn't realize it from her old PLACEMAT!  all those years of eating breakfast, she had memorized the order!  What's even more interesting, is this child has now graduated from University of London and holds 2 masters -- all to do with Political Science!  So, never underestimate the power of a placemat!  (You may also want to chose carefully which one you get!)

Planet facts circle around this colorful artwork by Crocodile Creek .  It is made from quality plastic and easily wipes cleanI purchased mine from Padilly for $3.75.  I think Crocodile Creek could go a step further and make these mats 2-sided, There are so many things to be learned at meal time! 

Crocodile Creek

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Cleo LeCoq said...

I enjoyed this genius-through-placemats parable