Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Become a Laird or Lady Gift Review

You may now call me "Lady" Kirkpatrick.  I think it has a lovely ring to family just rolls their eyes.  This unique gift allows you to purchase 1 square foot of land in Glencairn, Scotland.  According to Scottish law, with such land ownership, you are then privileged to the title, "Laird" (or "Lady" for the female side).  Your parcel will be situated on the banks of Loch Riddon within the Laird's Retreat, a Scottish Estate offering fishing, boating, hiking and water sports. Obviously for those that have everything -- or just those who fancy a bit of British gentry. Your gift box will contain a map of the retreat, presentation certificate, pen and information to register online.  Once registered you will wait patiently to receive an overseas envelope with the contents of your personalized land ownership certificate (still wanting to frame mine) and your 'Proof of Title' card--which will allow you free access into the Retreat. 

Mine was given to me as a gift from my mother, through Soft Surroundings.  If you'd rather 'adopt an elephant or name a star' then check out Gift Republic .

Ta-ta for now, must call the cook to start dinner, oh....wait...I am the cook.  I can still dream.

 Proof of Title card: There are a few disclaimers, some of which state that you are not allowed to live on the land or make improvements to it.  Click on the following links for more information and also how this is an environmentally conscience gift:

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